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Cooperation in Federal Background Investigations

Information for Applicants

NBIB provides a function in the electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) system that allows you to digitally sign your signature pages using your e-QIP password.  During the electronic signature process, you will be presented with the option to sign your signature forms digitally by using your self-created password for authentication.  A record is also created to provide an audit trail and data code for all of the signed forms.  While you are not required to complete the signature process electronically and will have an option to manually sign your forms instead, use of the electronic signature function is strongly recommended and will permit faster and more efficient processing of your investigation. 

Digital Signatures are captured, collected and stored in accordance with appropriate federal information protection standards and regulations.  The following levels of authentication occur throughout the e-QIP process to protect your data:

  • Applicants only gain access to e-QIP by invitation from an official sponsoring agency.
  • The applicant's invitation to access e-QIP is active for a restricted number of days as determined by the sponsoring agency.
  • Authentication occurs every time the individual logs into e-QIP with the self-selected username and password.
  • During the initial login to e-QIP the applicant must provide specific identifying information, choose a username and password, and choose and answer three challenge questions unique only to that applicant. 
  • An e-QIP session will timeout if the individual remains inactive for an extended time period to reduce the risk of someone other than the applicant logging on or accessing information.

Any additional questions pertaining to the digital signature forms and/or the investigation process can be answered by your sponsoring agency.  Please contact the agency representative that notified you to complete your investigation on e-QIP for further information. 

For more information on how click to sign works, please see Click-to-Sign Applicant Guide .