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November  2018

  • Nov 28

    NBIB to host Industry Day for vendors interested in the Case Processing and Operations Center (CPOC) requirement Dec 12-13, 2018. Check out for additional details and registration requirements.

  • Nov 19

    DYK: NBIB no longer requires you to unfreeze your credit for an employment

October  2018

September  2018

August  2018

  • Aug 20

    On keeping the mission intact, Dir Phalen shared this with , “…it allows us to keep focusing on all those important things that we are working on which is business transformation. It is getting the mission done and getting the policies redone.”

  • Aug 16

    Tune in to Dir Phalen’s interview with Sun, 8/19, at 10:30 a.m. EDT on

    Dr. Phalen on GovMatters set

  • Aug 7

    Dir Phalen speaking event, “This is not a narrow problem. Whether it’s in government or industry, betrayal is betrayal.”

    Charles Phalen

  • Aug 7

    “Behind nearly every compromise is a human – whether their actions are intentional or inadvertent. If we don't get the human trust part right – both initially and ongoing – the rest of our efforts may not matter.” – Dir Phalen event

  • Aug 7

    Dir Phalen on the importance of , “My worst nightmare used to be that I’d have to walk in and tell boss that we’ve identified a spy. It turns out, that’s only my second worst nightmare. Now, the worst is there’s one we never caught.”

July  2018

June  2018

  • Jun 8

    Trivia: What does the acronym SuitEA stand for?

    And the answer is, SuitEA stands for the Suitability/Credentialing Executive Agent.

May  2018

  • May 10

    NBIB’s Special Counsel discusses legal guidelines and privacy concerns related to Continuous Evaluation programs for personnel security at the Alliance today

  • May 1

    NBIB Director Charles Phalen discusses at the National Security Institute’s IMPACT Conference today

    Photo of NBIB Director Charles Phalen speaking at the IMPACT 2018 conference

  • May 1

    It’s all about answering the question, "Can I trust this individual?”… We are moving forward with a lot of initiatives to be more efficient without compromising the virtues of this process. –Director Phalen

March  2018

November  2017

  • Nov 20

    NBIB teams with . to open a second hub for conducting background investigations beginning the first week of December. Read more here.

  • Nov 9

    . becomes the first installation in the . to host a temporary NBIB hub for investigation interviews. Read more here.

October  2017

  • Oct 2

    Watch Director Charlie Phalen review NBIB’s first year – its challenges and accomplishments – w/ :

  • Oct 1

    NBIB celebrates its 1 yr anniversary w/ a new Twitter handle ! Follow for investigations updates, news, etc:

    NBIB 1 Year Anniversary,