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Friday, September 14, 2018
Author: NBIB Communications and Customer Service

Navy Reservists Diving in to Assist with Background Investigation Inventory

Thirteen Department of Navy reservists began training this week with the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) at Fort Meade, MD. The team is learning how to research and report military records for inclusion in personnel background investigations.

This continues a growing trend of NBIB customer agencies coming together and working jointly to realize positive gains on the standing inventory of background investigations within NBIB.  The personnel background investigation inventory with NBIB is approximately 661,600 as of September 10, 2018, a decrease from the July 9, 2018, total of 719,200.

The reservists are the first thirteen of a possible forty that the Navy has offered to provide assistance to NBIB with conducting the military record checks within Navy and Marine Corps personnel background investigations. The group has an initial total of approximately 5,600 military record checks to complete and have hit the ground running as they started working on live cases during their second day of training. The reservists will return to their home duty station for their 120-day orders and may receive an extension, if necessary, to address the inventory of pending Navy and Marine Corps record checks.

The NBIB Program Manager in charge of training says that these Navy reservists are “sharp E6’s through E8’s” that volunteered to come from all across the country to train for purposes of reducing the inventory. They have been “eager, engaged and enjoying the work”. NBIB and the Navy are also using this collaboration as an opportunity to implement some new investigative and reporting techniques that make record research and reporting more efficient.

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