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Information for Industry FSOs

Important Information

The National Background Investigations Bureau is responsible for serving as the primary executive branch service provider for background investigations for:

  • Eligibility for access to classified information;
  • Eligibility to hold a sensitive position; suitability, or for employees in positions not subject to suitability, fitness for government employment;
  • Fitness to perform work for or on behalf of the Government as a contractor employee;
  • Fitness to work as a non-appropriated fund employee, as defined in Executive Order 13488 of January 16, 2009, as amended; and
  • Authorization to be issued a Federal credential for logical and physical access to federally-controlled facilities or information systems, which includes Department of Defense (DOD) Contractors in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

Below you will find an overview of the DOD Industry Investigation Process along with important links for Industry Facility Security Officers.

DOD Industry Investigation Process

Basic Investigation processing map for a DOD Industry case:

  • Step 1: Initiation
    FSO initiates SF86 in Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).
  • Step 2: Applicant Completes SF86
    Subject completes and releases the questionnaire to the Vetting Risk Operations Center (VROC).
  • Step 3: Review
    VROC reviews and releases the investigation request to NBIB.
  • Step 4: Investigation
    NBIB receives the questionnaire and starts a background investigation.
  • Step 5: Completion
    NBIB completes the investigation and sends it to the DOD Consolidated Adjudication Facility (CAF).
  • Step 6: Decision
    DOD CAF makes a clearance decision based on the investigative product provided by NBIB.

Click HERE for an overview of the investigation process for a non-DOD agency.

Important Links

Click HERE for important information on case processing materials to include the following areas Industry contractors may find beneficial:

Federal Investigative Notices (FINs) – official public notices of changes in the investigation process, policy clarification, and upcoming events

Billing information – details on the products NBIB offers and how much they cost

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act – information regarding FOIP/A guidance and how applicants can request copies of their background investigations

Requesting NBIB Personnel Investigations (INV 15) – a guide to NBIB investigation case processing procedures

Reference Materials – Provides links to Executive Orders and Investigative Forms

e-QIP for Applicants – Provides important information on the e-QIP system to include instructions for logging into e-QIP, completing the SF86 form and the use of Click to Sign in the certification process

Record Providers – Provides information for Employers/Businesses, Educational Institutions, and Law Enforcement Agencies that are contacted by NBIB to provide record information for a subject’s background investigation.

OPM's Suitability Executive Agent – Instructions, services, and contact information for Suitability and HSPD-12 investigations.

External Links:

DSS VROC website

DSS VROC Knowledge Center