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Extra Coverage & FIPC Codes

8.0 Extra Coverage and FIPC Codes

Extra Coverage Codes

Extra coverage codes are used to request information or processing beyond the normal scope of the investigation. Certain codes result in an additional charge. For a list of current investigation products and services offered by NBIB, refer to the billing rates Federal Investigations Notice for the current fiscal year.


Codes marked with an X require a special agreement with NBIB or contingency factors apply.

Table 7
Extra Coverage CodeDescriptionBy Special Agreement or Contingency Factors Apply
1 Overseas attributes (special questioning during the Enhanced Subject Interview required). Can only be used with T4, T4R, T5 and T5R investigation types.
2 To comply with the 2012 Federal Investigative Standards, a credit search is now required on all T1 investigations if the subject admits to Federal debt or if it is discovered during the investigation. This extra coverage code is used to request a Credit search with the NAC or T1, whether Federal debt is known or unknown at time of scheduling the investigation. An additional fee is charged for this optional credit check. (Agency must maintain Fair Credit Release, unless submitted on the SF 86, which includes a Fair Credit Release to be submitted with the investigation.)
3 Advance NAC: The advance National Agency Check (NAC) consists of an itemized list of the NAC results and search status. This is a notification of item results only; no hardcopy is furnished. The Advance NAC Report is sent to the SOI and is available for all case types. If after 30 days from the scheduling date the NAC is not complete, a NAC status report will be provided to the SOI.
6 Law Enforcement attributes (special questioning during the Enhanced Subject Interview required). Can only be used with T4, T4R, T5 and T5R investigation types.
7 Special Attachments: This code is used when an agency wishes to call special attention to attachments provided with the submission, such as request for license or certificate verification; issue information; personnel folder or security file information; people in the U.S. who can verify activities outside the United States; agency-conducted subject interview or pre-appointment checks; and any other pertinent information. It is available for use with all case types.
8 Child Care T1 request: Statewide criminal history background searches on individuals who are seeking a position, which involves having direct contact with children, per the Crime Control Act of 1990—Public Law 101647. An additional fee is charged for these searches.
A Investigator Positions. Can only be used with the T4, T4R, T5 and T5R. X
B Astronaut Positions. Can only be used with the T4, T4R, T5 and T5R. X
CC Catch 'Em in Conus. Can be used on all case types, except the NAC and T1. X
CL Catch 'Em Linguists. Can be used on all investigation types except the NAC and T1. X
CT Catch 'Em in Training. Can be used on all investigation types except the NAC and T1. X
H Used to request Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) check to verify the individual’s immigration status if not a U.S. Citizen or citizenship status if a naturalized U.S. Citizen. Available with the NAC.
J Selective Service will schedule automatically on all investigations where the subject indicates they were born a male after December 31, 1959. If this check will not be automatically scheduled, but will still be required for the investigation it can be requested using extra coverage code “J” on all investigation types.
L Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVS): Used to request verification of birth record information on file at listed State of Birth. Available for all investigation types.
M Used to request Periodical Search. Available with the NAC.
Q Bar Association License Checks: Used to request verification of state bar membership for attorney positions. Available for use on all case types except those that use the Standard Form (SF) 85 (T1 and NAC on an SF 85).
S Advance Verbal results of subject interview. Available with investigation types: T4, T4R, T5 and T5R.
W Military checks. Only available with the NAC. These checks occur automatically on all investigation types except the NAC.
WW Wounded Warrior: For military applicants who are permanently disabled due to combat-related injuries. This code sends investigation through specific review processes at NBIB before completion. Available for use with all investigation types except the NAC.
Z Criminal Justice Position – FBI user fee exemption: The FBI charges user fees for processing Federal fingerprint and name search requests that are not specifically for criminal justice or law enforcement purposes. Positions eligible for exemption of the FBI user fee must support the agency’s criminal justice mission. According to the FBI in 42 U.S.C. 14616, Article V(6) , criminal justice includes activities relating to the detection, apprehension, detention, pre-trial release, post-trial release, prosecution, adjudication, correctional supervision, or rehabilitation of accused persons or criminal offenders. The administration of criminal justice includes criminal identification activities and the collection, storage, and dissemination of criminal history records. The extra coverage code "Z" is to be utilized on those positions exempt from the FBI user fee. For additional information regarding the FBI user fee exemptions, please see FIN 14-04. Available on all investigation types.

Availability of Extra Coverage Codes

Table 8
Type of Investigation
X=Available F=Available for an Additional Fee
Extra Coverage Codes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8
Oversees AttributesCredit SearchAdvance NACLaw Enforcement AttributesSpecial AttachmentsChild Care T1
NAC National Agency Check 06 - F X - X -
T1 Tier 1 63 - F* X - X X
T2S Tier 2 57 - - X - X -
T2RS Tier 2 Reinvestigation  58 - - X - X -
T4 Tier 4 66 X - X X X -
T4R Tier 4 Reinvestigation 67 X - X X X -
T3 Tier 3 64 - - X - X -
T3R Tier 3 Reinvestigation 65 - - X - X -
T5 Tier 5 70 X - X X X -
T5R Tier 5 Reinvestigation 71 X - X X X -

*The credit search may be conducted on the T1 as part of an Expandable Focused Investigation per the Revised 2012 Federal Investigative Standards and will be billed accordingly, even if your agency does not request it with this extra coverage code.

FIPC Codes

A FIPC Code indicates special processing needs for a particular request. These codes can be selected in the drop down menu in e-QIP. 

Table 9
FIPC CodeDescriptionBy Special Agreement or Contingency Factors Apply
1B Used to indicate to NBIB that the agency requires review and scheduling of information from the resume. Available with T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and NAC. See section 5.5 for more information.
3 Coast Guard Intelligence Records Index search required. Available with NAC only.
4 STATE PASSPORT FORM 240 Birth Verification Required. Available with NAC only.

Fingerprint results on file with NBIB as a SAC, case type 92 completed within 120 days prior to the submission of the e-QIP request. Available with all investigation types.

Note: This code may be used with hardcopy fingerprints if you agency is sending the hardcopy fingerprints for processing before the investigation request is sent to NBIB. Putting the I code in the FIPC Code field on the AUB in e-QIP whenever there is a completed fingerprint check (SAC, case type 92) in CVS/PIPS, will help automatically link the fingerprint with the higher-level case and bill accordingly.

R Advance Fingerprint results report is required by agency (See FIN 06-04). This code will trigger an Advanced Fingerprint Report to be generated the day after completion of the criminal history check. That report is then immediately sent to the SOI in whatever method your agency currently receives investigative results. NOTE: If you use FIPC Code R and your fingerprints were scheduled as a SAC (case type 92 for the same SOI), the same fingerprint results will be sent to the SOI multiple times. Available with all investigation types.
T FINCEN conducted. Only available for NACs submitted on the SF 86. X

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