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Invoicing and NP2 Access


The rate charged to the agency is based on the original receipt date of the case to NBIB; however, the bill is not created until the case is scheduled.  NBIB generates invoices on a monthly basis for all new cases initially scheduled during the previous month and any billing adjustment(s) to a previously billed case (with the exception of RSI's which are billed at closing).  Monthly invoices also include a transaction line indicating each case that closed during the previous month, and are signified by a "CL" bill code and a $0 transaction amount. Unless there are special circumstances, additional billing transactions for these closed cases would not be expected.

Monthly invoices are created and issued to the Agency Location Code (ALC) listed on the submitted case papers or the e-QIP agency submission file. They are further sub-summarized at the SON level and finally at the SOI level listed on the submitted case papers or the e-QIP agency submission file. The invoices contain detailed billing transaction data at the individual billing code level. The sections below will help to further explain how to review an NBIB invoice, as well as the billing codes that are listed for each transaction.

NBIB customer agencies have the ability to receive their monthly invoices electronically, via OPM's NP2 Portal System.  Current and prior Fiscal Year invoice files are available in an electronic PDF or 'flat file' format. Instructions for registration, using the NBIB Invoice Tool, and a template on how to convert the electronic 'flat file' to an Excel document are located below.

Customers can obtain access to the NBIB Invoice Tool by requesting access via the registration process explained below.  Multiple users are permitted for each customer agency and all registered users will receive a monthly email notification when new invoices have been transmitted to the NBIB Invoice Tool.

Invoice Retrieval and Review:

How to Receive Invoices Electronically

NBIB Invoice Tool Registration Process

We encourage all agencies to register for online access to download invoice backup detail electronically.  In order for customer agencies to access this information electronically, users must be registered in NP2.

To initiate the registration process, please contact a member of the NBIB Billing Oversight Team.

NBIB Billing Oversight
Phone: (724) 794-5612 ext. 4490

NBIB Invoice Tool

Registered agency users have the ability to view and download the NBIB billing invoice files.

NP2 login:

The Billing Oversight Team has created a guide, which provides useful information on how to navigate the NBIB Invoice Tool, including how to view/download invoices and password help.  If you are a registered NBIB Invoice Tool user in NP2 and have not received this user guide, please contact a member of the OPM-NBIB Billing Oversight Team. 

For customers who prefer to reconcile their invoices using Excel, we have provided the template below, which will convert the text format of the invoice to an Excel spreadsheet.

Instructions for Invoice Conversion Tool
Non-DOD Invoice Conversion Tool

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Tips for Reviewing NBIB Invoices

The investigative and billing information on the customer invoice is derived from the Agency Use Block (AUB) in e-QIP.  The Reviewing NBIB Invoices document contains useful information on translating the data entered in e-QIP to the NBIB invoice.  It also includes detailed information on reviewing your NBIB invoice and what data is contained in the specific invoice fields.

The 'Bill Code' field on your invoice is a two-character alphanumeric code used to identify billing transactions.  The Active Billing Codes document we have created contains a complete listing of all bill even transaction codes and a description of their intended use.

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Bill Event Code Index

The table below can be found in FIN 17-04.

FY 2018 Investigations Reimbursable Billing Rates – Effective October 1, 2017

Section 5: Active Bill Event Transaction Codes

Bill Event CodeDescription

Adjustment related to an Enhanced Subject Interview (ESI) 


Adjustment made when a higher level investigation is linked to a SAC (Special Agreement Check) 

AA Manual addition made by OPM where other billing codes cannot be applied
AB Adjustment made when a Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVS) item is added to a case as additional coverage
AC Adjustment made when a case is cancelled/discontinued prior to completion (see Sub-Section 1c for Investigations Discontinue Rates)
AD Adjustment for OPM Processing Fee when Child Care cases add a State Criminal History Repository (SCHR) search as additional coverage (there may be an AD event for each search conducted)

Adjustment for each SCHR search made in states that charge additional fees (there may be an AE event for each search conducted) 

AF Adjustment made when an agency is exempt from the FBI User fee(s)
AH Adjustment made when a Defense Central Index of Investigations (DCII) item is added to a case as an additional coverage 
AJ Adjustment made for expanded file screening when an agency has an agreement with OPM to provide this service
AO Adjustment made when a Spouse/Cohabitant National Agency Check (NAC) is conducted in a SAC 
AP Adjustment made when named-based searches of FBI Criminal and Investigative Files for subject spouses and/or cohabitants are conducted on lower level cases with Access Levels 3-5 (there may be an AP event for each search conducted, this is possible when a person has had multiple last names)
AQ Adjustment made when a PPR (Phased Periodic Reinvestigation) converts to a full SSBI-PR (SSBI Periodic Reinvestigation)
AR Adjustment made when a National Credit Check (CRED) item is added to a case as additional coverage or is conducted on a SAC product 
AS Manual subtraction made by OPM where other billing codes cannot be applied 
AT Adjustment made when a case type is changed 
AU Adjustment made when a case type and/or service is upgraded 
AV Adjustment made when a case service is changed
AX Adjustment made when the case type and service is changed
AY Adjustment for OPM processing fee when a Bar Association License Checks is added as additional coverage or is conducted on a SAC product (there may be an AY event for each state search conducted) AZ Adjustment for each Bar Association License Check in states that charge additional fees (there may be an AZ event for each search conducted)
B3 Adjustment related to a Triggered Enhanced Subject Interview (TESI) CL Closing bill event code when the investigation is completed 
DA Manual addition made by OPM due to an agency dispute 
DS Manual subtraction made by OPM due to an agency dispute IN Surcharge for cases requiring international work
OR The initial bill event on a case 
RO Adjustment made to reverse a discontinue adjustment when the case is reopened 
R_ With few exceptions, the bill event for RSI products will begin with the letter ‘R’ followed by the corresponding RSI Code (see Section 2 for additional details)

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