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1.  Do I need a TAS?  Where do I find my TAS?  What is a TAS?

Answer:  All customers for which NBIB initiates an IPAC payment transaction are required to populate the Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) field within e-QIP, which identifies the submitting agencies fund account that will be used to pay for the requested background investigation.  The Component TAS is a financial code, assigned by the Department of the Treasury, comprised of many separate, component pieces / sub-fields.  Please refer to the Component TAS Helpful Tips and e-QIP Format Conversions document for additional information.

2.  I am attempting to download and open my invoice from NP2, but it is asking for a password.  What is the password for my invoice?

Answer:  All invoice files are password protected.  Please contact a member of the NBIB Billing Oversight Team for help on invoice passwords and for a copy of the NBIB Invoice Tool Customer User Guide.

3.  Why are there multiple charges for the same subject in my invoice and what should I do?

Answer:  Please email your concern to the NBIB Billing Oversight Team, include the NBIB case number and a brief description of the charges, and we will review and respond in a timely manner.

4.  Where do I find the current investigation billing rates?

Answer:  All investigation billing rates are published in the billing Federal Investigations Notice (FIN) each fiscal year.  Current billing rates can be found on the billing rates webpage and past billing rates may be found on NBIB's FIN webpage.

5.  There are a lot of two character billing codes on my invoice... what is the definition of these billing codes?

Answer:  For a complete listing of bill event codes and their definitions, please refer to the Active Billing Codes document for additional information.

6.  How do I ensure I receive the fingerprint credit in my investigative request?

Answer:  Always use FIPC code 'I' (letter i) in the Agency Use Block (AUB) of the e-QIP request.  The 'i' code ensures that the SAC results are linked to the higher level investigation and that billing adjustments occur correctly.

If you are submitting a reprint, the original case number must be provided in the OCA block on the SF87 or FD-258 hard card or in the tagged field of 2.009 of the electronic transmission, in order to avoid additional fingerprint charges.  Failure to provide the original case number may result in an additional charge for the reprint or cause the reprint to be discontinued. Please refer to the Fingerprint Submissions section for additional information.

7.  Why am I being charged for a Triggered Enhanced Subject Interview (TESI) or International Coverage on my invoice?

Answer:  These are required expanded coverages that may be added to the bill if the expansion criteria is met. Please refer to the Required Expanded Coverage Fees section of this site for more information on these expanded coverage fees.

For any other questions, please contact:

OPM-NBIB Billing Oversight Team
Phone: (724) 794-5612 ext. 4490