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Fingerprint Submissions


NBIB recommends submission of electronic fingerprints through the Fingerprint Transaction System (FTS). All fingerprint submissions must be sent to NBIB before requesting an associated higher-level investigation that requires fingerprints in accordance with section 5.2 of the INV 15. SAC results can be used to satisfy fingerprint requirements of a higher level investigation request for 120 days. 

If you have questions on submitting fingerprints, please refer to INV 15, section 6.0.

Fingerprint Submissions and Credit for Fingerprint SACs:

Fingerprint SAC Credit

How to Receive a Credit for Fingerprint SAC:

When a fingerprint SAC is submitted in advance of the higher level investigation, a credit will be applied to the higher level case in the amount of the initial fingerprint SAC. To receive this credit, the requester must:

  • 1. Submit the fingerprint SAC at least one day, but no greater than 120 days in advance of the higher level investigation


  • 2. Include FIPC code "I" (letter i) on the higher level investigation

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Electronic Fingerprint-Only Special Agreement Check (SAC)

SAC CodeTypeFee

Electronic Fingerprint-Only Special Agreement Check (SAC)
Fingerprint only SAC for Federal applicants, employees, contractor, military personnel, or non-Federal personnel (for regulatory purposes). The electronic fingerprints are those submitted electronically via LiveScan or CardScan technology to the OPM Fingerprint Transaction System (FTS) via submission of SF-87/FD 258 only. Costs shown include FBI user fee ($10) and the basic SAC processing fee of $13 is reduced to $10.

Note: Certain criminal justice positions are exempt from the FBI user fee of $10. OPM will only charge for the reduced SAC processing fee ($10). For more details, please contact your agency liaison


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Financial Details on Fingerprint Submissions

Including Agency Specific Details within Fingerprint Submissions:

  • Since not all electronic fingerprint machines contain an accounting field, the Attention Indicator, "ATN" field, can be used as an alternative method on most machines. Populated ATN field details will return in the "ACCOUNT BLOCK" field within the monthly invoices. This process can be used as an effective alternative to provide agency required accounting or requesting official contact details that are otherwise not commonly available with fingerprint submissions1.
  • Additionally, the Occupation, "OCP" field, can be used to return agency, requesting office, and/or subject specific identifiers. Populated OCP field details will return in the "POSITION" field on monthly invoices2.
  • Agencies using GSA shared enrollment (USAccess) centers may not have the ability to populate the ATN and OCP fields. Agencies using USAccess should address their concerns regarding this and/or issues with "missing" accounting details on their invoice(s) directly with GSA.

1 The field requirements for the ATN field are: populated with greater than 3 characters; truncated at 30 characters; and cannot contain any dot or "special" characters.

2 The only field requirement for the OCP field is that it will be truncated at 50 characters.

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Unclassifiable Fingerprints

Requirements for Submitting Reprints when Prints are Unclassifiable

When the FBI is unable to make a classifiable determination due to illegible fingerprints, the FBI deems the submissions as "Unclassifiable". A reprint may be submitted within one year of the case closing date in an effort to obtain a classifiable determination without incurring additional cost. The original case number of the unclassifiable fingerprint must be provided with the reprint submission to avoid the discontinuance of the reprint or an additional fingerprint processing charge. The original case number must be provided in the OCA block on the SF-87 or FD-258 hard card or in the tagged field 2.009 of the electronic transmission. When submitting a hard card, please note "Reprint" in the top left-hand corner and attach the Notice of Unclassifiable Fingerprints. See INV 15, section 6.2 for additional details.

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