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Investigations Billing Rates & Resources


The National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) is funded through fee-for-service fully reimbursable billing rates.  Rates are evaluated, developed and published on an annual basis using an activity-based Cost Allocation Model (CAM) to determine product unit costs.  

For investigations requested using Standard Forms (SF) 85, 85P and 86 through e-QIP (Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing), the billing rate is applied according to the case type and service type ordered, the date the complete investigation request is received by NBIB, and the effective billing rates in place according to our published Federal Investigative Notices (FIN).  Additional and subsequent fees and adjustments may be applied dependent on any optional extra coverage requested, required expanded coverage to include the Triggered Enhanced Subject Interview (TESI), International Coverage and associated fees, and case discontinue requests.  

In addition to investigations requested using SF 85, 85P and 86 through e-QIP, other types of investigative requests may be ordered to satisfy Federal background investigation requirements.  These types of requests include Special Agency Checks (SAC), electronic fingerprint-only SACs, and Reimbursable Suitability/Security Investigations (RSI).

Please refer to our Billing Rates webpage  for our current billing rates in effect.  Also, please see additional sections on this website for more details on pricing, invoice receipt and retrieval via the NP2 Secure Portal, electronic fingerprint submissions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Daily Billing Status Reports

To facilitate agencies with proactively reviewing billing transactions, NBIB also offers a series of daily electronic status reports.  These reports can serve as a valuable tool to continuously evaluate and monitor agency specific billing transactions.  For more details on receiving these reports, please refer to FIN 13-03, Daily Notifications from OPM. 

In addition to these Daily Notifications, agencies can also submit requests for ad hoc report(s) to NBIB Billing Oversight.  The Billing Oversight office of NBIB handles all customer agency case billing inquiries for NBIB background investigations and invoices.

Billing Contact Information

Please contact the group(s) below, based on the type of support required.

NBIB Billing Oversight
Phone:  (724) 794-5612 ext. 4490

  • Investigation rate inquiries
  • Potential billing errors
  • Backup documentation requests (other than invoices)
  • Electronic invoice retrieval

NBIB Accounts Receivable
Phone:  (405) 954-5644

  • Request duplicate invoice
  • Change POC/address for invoice
  • IPAC disputes and chargebacks
  • Outstanding invoice balance inquiries

NBIB Interagency Agreements (IAA)

  • General IAA inquiries for background investigations
  • Servicing agency inquiries
  • IAA Signatures