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Notice No. 03-02

Subject: Use of Standard Form 86 Certification (SF 86C)

Date: October 30, 2002

This notice clarifies the Office of Personnel Management's Center for Investigations Services' (OPM-CIS) policy on the use of Standard Form 86 Certification (SF 86C), revised July 2002.The SF 86C was developed to allow a less burdensome way to update SF 86 [1] (Questionnaire for National Security Positions) information.

The SF 86C Certification is a device for an individual to use to report changes to the most recent execution of the SF 86when an update and review of SF 86 information are required. OPM-CIS will not initiate investigations from the SF 86C form; however, information provided on this form may be reason to require completion of a new SF 86 for the initiation of an investigation.The SF 86C isnot to be used as a substitution for the SF 86 when an individual is due for a reinvestigation.OPM-CIS must have a newly prepared SF 86 to initiate the investigation requested by an agency official.

There are many situations where the SF 86C can be used when the sole purpose is to determine if any information on a previously executed SF 86 has changed.A few examples are:

  • An individual from another Federal agency has transferred into a position at your agency prior to the time their reinvestigation is due.You need an updated review of the SF 86 information to determine if there have been any changes that warrant an investigation.
  • An individual is being considered for movement into a Special Access Program and a review of updated SF 86 information is needed to determine their eligibility forthe program.
  • An individual is moving from one Federal contractor to another and a review of updated SF 86 information is required prior to approval for their work on the new employer's contract.

In these situations, the SF 86C Certification can be used in lieu of executing an SF 86.This allows the individual to indicate that there have been no changes in the data provided on the most recently completed SF 86, or, when there are changes, to provide the new information.The agency official can review the completed SF 86C to determine if an SF 86 needs to be completed for an investigative request to OPM-CIS.

Questions relating to the SF 86C should be directed to the CIS-Program Services Group at (202) 606-1042.

Richard A. Whitford
Acting Associate Director for Employment

Kathy Dillaman, Acting Associate Director
for Investigations

[1] The SF 86 is completed by persons performing, or seeking to perform, national security duties for the Federal Government.This information collection is used by the Office of Personnel Management and other Federal agencies to initiate the background investigation required to determine placement in national security positions.This is done in accordance with 42 U.S.C. 2165, 22 U.S.C. 2585, E.O. 10450, Security Requirements for Government Employment, issued April 27, 1953, and E.O. 12968, Access to Classified Information, issued August 2, 1995.

Inquiries: OPM-CIS Program Services Group (202) 606-1042

Code: 736 Investigations

Distribution: SOI's and SON's

Letter expires: When Superseded

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