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Letter No. 01-03

Subject: Product Enhancements

Date: December 22, 2000

As a result of the product review conducted by the Investigations Focus Group (IFG), the Investigations Service (IS) has enhanced three of our current products.  The specific enhancements are:SSBI-PR with issue resolution:   Currently, the Periodic Reinvestigation for Single Scope Back-ground Investigations does not include automatic issue resolution.  The decision to expand an investigation to resolve issues is made on a case-by-case basis by the adjudicating office which may request OPM conduct a Reimbursable Suitability Investigation (RSI) to obtain additional specific information.  Several agencies have requested automatic expansion of their SSBI-PR investigations for certain admitted or developed issues, consistent with the type of issue resolution completed as part of the initial background investigation.  The expanded SSBI-PR is now available, by special agreement, for an additional charge of $125 per investigation.  Access MBI and Access LBI: A review of the MBI and LBI products identified content deficiencies when either are used as the basis for a Secret or Confidential clearance.  To meet the requirements of Executive Order 12968, all appropriate local law checks must be completed by inquiry or record search for a five-year period.  Also, the credit search must cover a seven-year period.  Effective immediately, all requests for MBI or LBI investigations will include this required coverage. For more information concerning these products, contact your Security Appraisal Officer on 202-606-1042 or the FIPC Program Services Office at 724-794-5612.

Richard A. Ferris
Associate Director for Investigations

Inquiries: OPM-IS, Oversight and Technical Assistance Division,  202-606-1042
OPM-FIPC, Program Services Office, 724-794-5612

Code: 736,  Investigations

Distribution: SOI/SONs

Notice Expires: Until Superseded