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e-QIP for Agency Users

Agency Users needing access to the administrative and request processing side of the electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) must access e-QIP via the NP2 Secure Portal.

Agency User Accounts

As the Agency User side of e-QIP is only available via the NP2 Secure Portal, an e-QIP User must have an NP2 Portal Account. If you need an NP2 Portal Account you must contact your agency's NP2 Portal Administrator. If you need an e-QIP account in order to process investigation requests for your agency, you must contact your agency's e-QIP User Manager or Administrator. NBIB does not have the ability to provide you with an account.

Agency Training

NBIB provides training to provide agency users with the skills necessary to navigate through the e-QIP system as well as to train additional staff at their agencies on the functionality of the e-QIP system. For a listing of the latest classes provided please see the NBIB Agency Training pageClasses are currently conducted in the Washington, DC area.

In addition to the in-class agency training, the following e-QIP training systems are available for Agency Users. Agency Users may practice, explore and train using the e-QIP training systems.

Please Note: The training links below are only to be accessed by Federal agency security or personnel staff members who have been given a training account by either attending an e-QIP training class, or by your agency's designated e-QIP Train-the-Trainer(s).

e-QIP Deployment within Agency

For more information regarding e-QIP deployment at your agency, and if you are your agency's security or human resources manager, contact NBIB's - System Liaison at 724-794-5612, Ext. 4600 or

Technical Issues with e-QIP

If an agency's e-QIP Administrator is unable to access the e-QIP agency website, is receiving reports of unaccessibility from e-QIP users or applicants, or are experiencing other technical problems, please call the NBIB Help Desk at 866-631-3019.   (This number is not for use by applicants).