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Safeguarding Integrity and Transparency

Our Vision

What Makes NBIB Different?

Our Vision: Transforming the culture, business, processes, and technological infrastructure needed to be the nation's primary background investigative service through interagency cooperation and a focus on national security.

Through a strong partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD), the NBIB will lead the way in cybersecurity and information technology (IT). In addition, an entity will be established within NBIB dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.  Background investigation IT systems will be designed, built, secured, and operated by DOD to meet NBIB requirements and will leverage DOD’s significant IT, national security and cybersecurity expertise to maximize mission success.  In addition, dedicated NBIB personnel will maintain a constant focus on what’s to come, in order to ensure that innovation remains a part of the organization’s culture.

In order to maintain a consistent flow of input, information, and ideas, the NBIB has established a mechanism for interagency/joint duty assignments between NBIB personnel and those of their stakeholders.  This mechanism allows formalized access to stakeholder expertise, while increasing transparency.

A major component of the work done by the NBIB involves the acquisition and management of records from a variety of sources, including their counterparts in law enforcement.  In an effort to increase awareness and familiarity with NBIB’s mission and operations, a Law Enforcement (LE) Liaison Office has been established.  Representatives from the LE Liaison Office will be assigned throughout the country, and will proactively interface with LE agencies throughout the country to help ensure continued productive relationships with its LE partners.

NBIB commits to organizational excellence and national security through the use of New technology, organizational components, trained personnel, and interagency partnerships.

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