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Safeguarding Integrity and Transparency

Our Standards

What does it take to measure up to the NBIB?

Even in today’s high tech world, the most valuable resource for any organization remains its people. Forming the backbone of our nation’s defense against insider threats, the exceptional men and women of the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) are no exception. NBIB Special Agents, Analysts, and Adjudicators are among the best trained and equipped in their field. Tasked with maintaining the trust and integrity of the Federal workforce, NBIB trained personnel must consistently exhibit the highest level of discipline and precision as they comb through a complex array of data sources.

New NBIB Special Agent trainees must successfully complete the Federal Background Investigator Training Program (FBITP), a four-week training regimen located at the NBIB National Training Center (NTC) in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Through lectures, discussions, interactive role-play, practical application activities, review exercises, and assessments throughout, the FBITP prepares background investigators to conduct quality investigations that stand up to rigorous agency requirements. Once the training center curriculum has been successfully completed, new NBIB Special Agents must also complete an investigator field course, followed by a one year on the job training (OJT) period. During that year, new Special Agents work alongside seasoned NBIB veterans as they apply their skills in real world situations. 

In addition to Special Agent training, the NBIB training center provides world class training to Suitability Adjudicators through its Essentials of Suitability Adjudication Program (ESAP), and Case Analysts through the Investigations Case Analyst Program (ICAP). 

Utilized around the world, the ESAP prepares prospective adjudicators to evaluate and adjudicate a person’s suitability for federal employment. Extensive study of the regulatory parameters governing suitability review and adjudication provides students with the tools needed to navigate the entire suitability process, from initial application screening to suitability determination.

The ICAP training program is comprised of eleven modules, focused on information sources and the information types that can be obtained, appropriate reporting of information, and restrictions and/or special handling applicable to the results. New Analysts must also complete one of two Case Analyst Training (CAT) sessions, each consisting of eight modules and focusing on case coverage requirements and application of those requirements to practical exercises.

The NBIB is proud to have the NTC and its training programs accredited by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board. In addition, the FBITP, ESAP and ICAP have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), resulting in awards of twelve undergraduate academic semester credits for the FBITP, and three undergraduate academic semester credits each for the ESAP and ICAP.

Quality training, real world exposure, professional accreditation, and academic recognition are attributes that underpin America’s first line of defense against insider threats and place NBIB among its most professional and well trained personnel. For more information on NBIB positions and opportunities, go to

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