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Safeguarding Integrity and Transparency

About Us

Our Mission

Delivering efficient and effective background investigations to safeguard the integrity and trustworthiness of the Federal workforce.

In January 2016, the Administration announced a series of changes to streamline the background investigations process, including a framework for strategic and structural changes to modernize and strengthen how the Federal Government conducts background investigations.  One such change is the establishment of a National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB), to be housed at OPM, to improve how the Federal government conducts and delivers high-quality background investigations.  

As of October 1, 2016, the NBIB was established as the primary service provider of government-wide background investigations for the Federal Government with the mission of delivering efficient and effective background investigations to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of the Federal workforce.  

NBIB has the responsibility of conducting background investigations for over 100 Federal agencies – approximately 95 percent of the total background investigations government-wide.  Subsuming the existing mission, authorities and staff of the former Federal Investigative Service (FIS), the NBIB was stood up without interruption to the crucially important investigative services OPM is tasked with providing.  In addition, the NBIB provides investigative systems training and conducts oversight evaluations of other agencies to review compliance with Federal security regulations. 

The NBIB and its senior leadership will be headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, with an increased focused on national security.  An agile organizational model and robust talent acquisition strategy will enable NBIB’s mission to conduct efficient and effective background investigations for the Federal Government. Through strong relationships with the Performance Accountability Council (PAC) and the Department of Defense, NBIB will utilize enterprise-wide expertise when developing policies, designing systems, and executing mission practices.  DOD will continue to strengthen OPM’s legacy IT environment and develop, secure, and operate newly architected information systems housing background investigations data.  

Core Values of NBIB personnel in pursuit of the organization’s mission to protect the integrity of the Federal workforce: 

Because I Protect, I will…

  • Integrity: Act with high moral principle and adhere to the highest standards
  • Professionalism: Set an example while learning from and mentoring others
  • Respect: Treat all others with dignity and respect
  • Ownership: Be thoughtful, decisive, and accountable for my successes & failures
  • Trust: Perform my duties in an effective and dependable manner
  • Excellence: Apply innovative solutions in everything I do
  • Collaboration: Establish internal & external customer focused partnerships
  • Transparency: Clearly communicate in a proactive and open manner

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